1. Fortune Wonder採用彈性及自選課堂機制,學生須自選課堂時間參與,並於有效期內履行使用堂票責任。就因個人理由 或情況而未能履行使用堂票責任,Fortune Wonder概不負責。
    Fortune Wonder offers a flexible timetabling arrangement and an optional class mechanism. Students need to participate in the class at their own choice and fulfill the responsibility of using the tickets within the validity period. Fortune Wonder is not responsible for the failure to perform the responsibility of using the tickets due to personal reasons or circumstances.

  2. 上課前請出示堂票記錄卡(如果遺失此卡,補領費為每次HK$20)
    Please present the tickets record card before attending the class for registration (If losing this card, the reissue fee is HK$20/time)


  3. 所有堂票不得轉讓及不可兌換現金
    All tickets are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.


  4. 堂票須於有效期內使用,逾期堂票將作廢處理
    The ticket is only valid on or before the expiry date. The expired ticket will be void.


  5. 如欲取消已預約之課堂,請於該課堂開始前6小時取消。如逾時通知,亦當一堂堂票扣除。
    Cancellation of the registered class should be made 6 hours before the class commences. A ticket will be deducted if the notice made less than 6 hours.


  6. 不論事假或者病假,均劃一處理。Fortune Wonder亦保留要求提供醫生紙之權利,以作適切安排。
    The above rules apply to both personal and sickness issues. Fortune Wonder reserves the right to request the provision of medical proof for necessary arrangements.


  7. 如有任何爭議,Fortune Wonder保留一切最終決定及解釋權。
    In case of any dispute, Fortune Wonder reserves the right of final decision and interpretation.


  1. 所有折扣或推廣優惠不可同時使用
    All discount offers cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offers.

  2. Fortune Wonder保留所有優惠之最終使用權
    Fortune Wonder has the final decision upon using all offers in case of a dispute.

  3. Fortune Wonder有權修改課堂或優惠內容、條款及細則而不作另行通知
    Fortune Wonder reserves all rights to revise the terms and conditions of class and coupon without any prior notice